Introduction to the NIST Reference Architectures and Models

.5 day to 1 day formats

 Purpose:  This workshop will be of interest to those wanting an introduction to cloud computing where the accepted National Institute of Standards for Technology (NIST) frameworks provides tremendous value to improve visibility in the cloud.  Other enterprise architecture models will also be discussed, including TM (Telecommunication Management) to help further clarify how various EA models complement one another.

The half day workshop briefly outlines multiple cloud solution models, presenting the available options and what will best satisfy your organizations’ needs.

 Topic Areas:

  • Cloud computing – business case
  • Cloud computing overview
  • Service models (Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as Service and Software as a Service)
  • Deployment models (Private, Community, Public, Hybrid)
  • Actors/ Roles and their activities
  • NIST conceptual reference model
  • Cloud resources
  • Cloud service management
  • Security and privacy
  • Policies
  • Other industry models (private and public sectors)
  • TM Forum Frameworx and cloud initiatives
  • Cloud standards
  • Communicate at a high level how these models can be applied to improve communication and reduce risk


Upon completion of this workshop the student will be able to:

  • Understand the cloud computing principles, approaches, models and terminologies
  • Recognize how to utilize the enterprise architecture models with the NIST frameworks to clarify cloud solutions and opportunities
  • Gain insight on where the industry is today and where the industry is progressing towards for cloud computing solutions
  • Appreciate the opportunities and recognize the risks for cloud computing initiatives
  • Be able to leverage the information and industry models to better communicate and manage your cloud

 Exercises: Several case studies will be discussed and reviewed, involving the variety of roles, perspectives and solutions to foster discussions and recognize the various perspectives and

 Of Interest to:  Anyone wanting to gain a good perspective of the NIST taxonomy reference architecture models and definitions to improve visibility in the cloud.

 Prerequisites:  None