Duration:  This workshop is available in 1 to 2 day formats

Purpose:  This workshop is of interest to those who are considering embracing cloud computing solutions and desire to have robust governance related to cloud services.  Function Point Analysis techniques add tremendous value to clarify applications, services, highlighting opportunities, risks and key considerations.  This also facilitates quantification of business and technical requirements.


  • Communicate the cloud computing solutions including Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as Service and Software as a Service
  • Communicate approaches that can be used to evaluate, prioritize and monitor cloud computing solutions
  • Communicate how functional analysis and Telecommunication frameworx (TM Forum) help establish a consistent foundation to evaluate cloud computing opportunities, mitigate risks and prioritize activities
  • Discuss options and consideration for cloud computing from the cloud provider and consumer perspectives that must be considered in today’s cost, schedule and security sensitive world
  • What interpretations and categorizations are needed for value focused “cloud function point” analysis using the IFPUG (International Function Point Users Group ISO/ IEC 20926 standard)
  • What additional measures need consideration due to cloud computing environments
  • Planning, governance and risk mitigation in the cloud