Cloud Computing and Culture Considerations
Duration: 1 Day

Purpose: This workshop will be of interest to those wanting an introduction to cloud computing and a discussion on cultural considerations for cloud computing initiatives.

The foundational framework will be the National Institute of Standards for Technology Cloud Computing Reference Architecture, where Steven Woodward leads several of the topic areas within the working group. Other enterprise architecture cloud computing models will also be discussed; including TM (Telecommunication Management) and International Telecommunications Union (ITU), to help further clarify how various EA models complement one another. Updates from these communities will be provided, as well as updates from the Object Modelling Groups – Cloud Standards Customer Council and the International Software Measurement Association.

Steven Woodward is coordinating several activities between Cloud Standards Organizations. He is also helping to direct role/ actor definitions, service level agreements and cloud metrics.
One aspect of cloud computing that needs careful consideration is “culture”.

This workshop will use real-life scenarios to generate inter-active discussions, identifying cloud cultural challenges and the key actions that can be taken to reduce stress and risks.

Cultural Topic Areas:
• Culture overview
• Culture and Service Models
• Culture and Deployment Models
• Culture and Hosting Options
• Keys for External Hosting
• Keys for Internal Hosting
• Cultural Resistance
• Opportunities
• Cultural “fit”
• Cultural Cloud Maturity Level

Competencies Achieved:
Upon completion of this workshop the student will be able to:
• Understand the cloud computing principles, approaches, models and terminologies
• Gain insight as to where the industry is today and where the industry is progressing
towards for cloud computing solutions
• Understand basic “cloud governance” principles
• Be able to identify key cultural considerations
• Be able to identify key cultural opportunities
• Have interactive cloud computing culture discussions, where challenges and solutions
can be identified

Exercises: Several case studies will be used, discussed and solved, providing cultural contexts
for cloud computing.

Of Interest to: Anyone wanting to gain a good perspective of the Cloud Computing frameworks, status and the importance of “culture” when planning and/ or considering cloud computing solutions.

Prerequisites: None