Software Sizing and Perspectives They Bring are More Critical Today  

Just as distance measures provide content and perspectives, functional size in software provides valuable context and perspectives.

How Far?....What Elevation Change?....What Conditions?

ICT software metrics and analysis requires similar perspectives using a variety of metrics, including size based on a user/ consumer feature/ functional perspective.


The core foundation of Function Point Analysis and software scope management are extremely valuable competencies with the resulting collected information leading to informed decision making, reducing risks, reducing costs, optimizing user value/ benefits and optimizing schedules (time-to-market).

Cloud Perspectives the has the most experienced, forward thing ICT metrics specialists in software sizing, estimation, monitoring, planning, agile and quality assurance.  Working internationally with governments and fortune 500 enterprises to optimize user experiences, better manage outsourcers/ contractors, developing realistic plans that can be flexible and monitored from conception thru decommissioning.  This permits full Total Cost of Ownership and Total Cost of Service Usage analysis to assure costs are transparent and traceable.

Since software sizing uses an enterprise architecture framework, clients using function point analysis inherently also gain information associated with enterprise architecture models that can be used for impact and risk analysis.

Reference to recent one page outline highlighting function point analysis relevancy in 2020 and beyond.