Customers in the cloud and other complex ICT solutions are ultimately liable and accountable.

Today’s customers need to have assurances from their providers that processes, especially those related to security and privacy, are adequate for their needs.  Maturing processes related to finance, efficiency, security and privacy provides comfort to consumers and market advantage to providers.

The multitude of standards, best practices and accreditations such as HIPAA, ISO/ IEC 27000, ISO/ IEC 20000, CESG IL2, FedRAMP, FISMA, ISACA, Cloud Security Alliance and NIST, contribute to confusion rather than clarity.

Cloud Perspectives helps create realistic, customized roadmaps to mature processes through your ICT eco-systems.  If you are a consumer, wondering what you need to request, or a provider who needs to demonstrate security and privacy capabilities, we can help.

We foster ICT maturity through the use of industry templates, tools and processes that ease cultural change.

Our iterative, progressive approach provides accelerated value, leading to reduced risks, increased business opportunities and overall increased comfort levels between the various players in the complex ICT and cloud eco-systems.


Cloud Perspectives

Building security, privacy, governance and transparency into the ICT solutions of today.