Some of the organizations that Cloud Perspectives works closely with or are members of in the cloud computing subject area.  Cloud Perspectives plays a major role influencing and developing standards and guidelines on the international stage.

 Invest Ottawa – Cloud Computing Cluster


National Institute of Standards for Technology

Cloud Perspectives is a cloud computing working group member


Cloud Security Alliance

Director of the Canadian CSA Chapter


Cloud Standards Customer Council – OMG

Council member cloud best practices and topic lead


TM Forum

Member and cloud SDO SLA topic



Member and frequent contributor, editor and keynote and coordinator with other standards bodies



International Telecommunications Union (United Nations)

Cloud Consultant


International Software Measurement Association – IFPUG (ISO/ IEC 20926 standard) – Software Measurement

ISO Committee Chair and former Director



IT Service Management Framework



Information Systems Audit and Control Association



Member JTC1 SC7 (Software Systems) and SC38 (Cloud Computing) Sub-Committees as a Canadian Expert



  Canadian Cloud Council

Advisor and Co-chair Government Working Group


Wireless Industry Partnership

Marketing Partner