Steven Woodward, CEO of Cloud Perspectives, is active internationally and is a frequent participant in Canada’s foreign trade delegations. His aim is to make business contacts and gain perspectives from various international technology leaders. Steven currently co-leads the NIST Cloud Audit sub-group and is Director of the Cloud Security Alliance Canadian Chapter.


Cloud Perspectives cloud partners have expanded in the past six months, assembling regional and international world leaders in: cloud computing development, estimation, parallel programming, privacy, security and service level agreements.

Cloud Perspectives has been a key advisor to several government agencies provincially and federally encouraging collaboration, while realize the value from sharing data and experiences.


The company’s plans for this coming year include: university and industry collaboration to obtain “real cloud computing data”, while continuing to help define cloud standards and best cloud governance practices for the industry. Visibility as leaders in the cloud computing industry provides a foundation for expansion and recognition of cloud computing industry needs. Within the CSA, Cloud Perspectives will play a leadership role to define key cloud controls and realistic policies for Canada and share recommendations internationally.