Here is a list of helpful downloads and links.


itSMF Metrics Breakfast Session November 2, 2017 

Slides from the itSMF November 2, 2017 breakfast. 



FWD50 Workshop November 1, 2017 Ottawa 

Slides from the November 1 half-day workshop in Ottawa.


Presentation slides from Canadian Consulate Round-table (Cloud Enabled Digital Transformation) - Sydney Australia May 19 2017 

Here are the slides that Cloud Perspectives provided during the Sydney executive round-table.  Many thanks to the Sydney Canadian Consulate for hosting the round-table.  We had some great interactive, interesting discussions.  Cultural perspectives, procurement and realistic expectations with realistic plans were some of the key themes.


Resiliency - Short Video for Better Software West 

Here is a short video that Cloud Perspectives prepared for Better Software West 2017 related to the presentation Steven Woodward on Cloud and IoT Resiliency Planning.


Cloud Perspective Slides from Meeting January 19 2017 at Invest Ottawa with Canadian Federal Government

Here are the slides that Cloud Perspectives provided during the Invest Ottawa - Government of Canada "roundtable" innovation, transformation and migration.  I provided insights from other governments and highlighted the key challenges for the Government of Canada transformation plans.



YouTube - Steven Woodward - Cloud Insights - Leveraging the Galorath SEER tools for Cloud Planning – December, 2016

 Here is a short update regarding the state of cloud computing and why planning and leveraging tools such as SEER provide the insights to drive realistic, cost-effective and secured cloud solutions.



GTEC Presentation - Migration for Cloud - November 2, 2016 

 Here is the presentation link from November 2 2016.  Short set of Cloud Perspectives slides from the panel with: Shared Services Canada, Agriculture Canada, Birket Foster, VMWARE, Randstad and Cloud Perspectives. Panel 2016 Final-SW-pdf.pdf



itSMF – Presentation – October 6, 2016 – Future IoT Cloud Connectivity

 Here is the presentation link from October 6 2016.


Canadian Cloud Council – Presentation – October 15, 2012 – Models


Here is the full presentation for the Canadian Cloud Council – Cloud Launch on October 15, 2012. What a great, innovative and disruptive event it was! Cloud Perspectives-pdf.pdf

NIST Cloud Presentation Interoperability January 15 Gaithersburg


I enjoyed presenting and being a panelist January 15, 2013 at the NIST Cloud Big Data Workshop in Gaithersburg Maryland. Here is the link to the presentation. I’m always happy to discuss the cloud! Remember to find out what’s in the layer, before you commit to it!

NIST Key Model


See the NIST web site ( for various detailed documents, but here is the key reference architecture that helps pull the roles, services and activities together.  It was a pleasure contributing to this model.  Great job!  After working with the Sub-Services working group Cloud Perspectives contributions at NIST include; Roles, Standards, SLAs, Security, Privacy, Carrier and Metrics.   Steven Woodward co-leads the NIST Cloud Carrier Sub-Group to clarify the cloud carrier considerations and today also co-leads the Cloud Audit sub-group.  Cloud Perspectives extended the basic NIST Cloud Computing Reference Architecture model to include the critical cultural and policy related considerations that surround the cloud eco-system.

Cloud Benefits Quantified – Case Study for SaaS & PaaS


The savings and time to value can be substantial when the cloud opportunity is a “good fit” in comparison with in-house traditional application development and support.

Here is the link to the 2012 Case Study summary:

Full Prontoforms AT&T CIO whitepaper


West Indies progressing and offers cloud services

Link to the Kingston Newspaper from the Cloud Computing Conference of the West Indies in November 2011.


Forbes 2011 – CSCC Cloud Guide and Cloud Perspectives Listed


Here is a link to Forbes where they were very positive regarding the work we did at the Cloud Customer Standards Council and even mentioned “Cloud Perspectives” as a contributor.

Cloud Metrics SDO Progress – contribution TM Forum


In the past several months I have presented updates and contributed to several SDOs.  This includes: NIST, TM Forum, CSA, CSCC and ITU-T.

Many groups are discussing cloud metrics and we need some common basic foundations that are goal focused and foster collaboration.

I presented to the TM Forum Cloud Cross SDO team May 31 2012.  This group will also meeting July 17 in Baltimore, Maryland at TM Forum Team Action Week.  Here is the presentation with basic ICT metrics best practices and preliminary considerations for metrics in cloud computing.


Metricas Conference Brazil – Highlights

November 28 2012 I was in Sao Paulo, Brazil offering the FP-211 certified workshop to over 110 Certified Function Point Specialists (CFPS). This was the largest group of CFPS ever attending a single workshop and it was a very energetic, experienced, well versed group of attendees to clarify the challenges of software sizing and governance in the complex ICT world of today. I look forward to returning to Brazil and Rio De Janeiro in 2013 for the ISMA conference!

Metrics site where you can download the presentations from the November 29 2012 conference.